By the new addition of the fresh duet units, now from the lightest capacity of 4 bays through the highest size of 24 bays, by way of both desktop and rackmount form factors, full selection of the storage types are comprehensively brought to the clients and end-users to meet all kinds of their application requirements.
Created with the space saving 1U and 2U height for the enclosures, the storage is exactly suitable for the application of transportable rack. Especially benefiting the Video Editors and the Audio Developers in favor of mobile rack case, first-rate data protection is ensured given while users can have the most effortless way for building system by the easiest single Thunderbolt™ 3 connection ever.
For more information about NS370TB3 and NA341TB3, please visit the product webpages at NS370TB3  and NA341TB3.