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OCe10102-IX dual-port 10Gb/s & iSCSI

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Emulex OneConnect™ OCe10102-IX dual-port 10Gb/s Ethernet network & iSCSI adapter with copper interconnects
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The OneConnect OCe11102-I is a single-chip high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) adapter that consolidates traffic for networking and iSCSI storage.

A member of the Emulex OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapter (UCNA) family, the OCe11102-I iSCSI adapter supports CPU offload for both network and storage I/O to optimize server performance and maximize server virtualization ratios. The OCe11102-I iSCSI adapter presents a Network Interface Card (NIC) and an iSCSI adapter to the operating system or hypervisor. The OCe11102-I adapter supports full iSCSI protocol offload, providing performance that is superior to a NIC and iSCSI software initiator.

The OneConnect OCe11102-I supports protocol offloads for TCP/IP, TCP Chimney Offload and iSCSI (with TCP Offload Engine) to provide maximum bandwidth with minimum use of CPU resources. For virtualized server deployments, OneConnect protocol offloads enable more VMs per server, providing greater cost savings and optimized return on investment.

Key Features:

  • iSCSI offload support that exceeds performance for software initiators
  • Superior network support with TCIP/IP and TCP Chimney offloads
  • Easy to deploy and manage with the OneCommand™ Manager application
  • Enterprise-ready with hardware parity, CRC, ECC and other advanced error checking

Key Benefits:

  • One infrastructure for network and storage reduces CapEx
  • One management console and industry-leading performance per watt reduce OpEx
  • Protocol offloads support Emulex VEngine™ technology that enables more virtual machines per server
  • OneConnect Universal Multi-Channel (UMC) allows multiple PCI functions to be created for each adapter port. OCe11102-I adapters present three NIC functions and one iSCSI function per port to the operating system or hypervisor.
  • Enterprise iSCSI with support for IEEE Data Center Bridging (DCB) standards to optimize performance. Priority Flow Control (PFC) is used to insure a consistent stream of data between servers, switches and storage arrays. Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) supports priorities and allocation of bandwidth for iSCSI and IP traffic.
Artikelnummer OCe10102-IX
Manufacturer Mellanox
Host connection Ethernet 10 Gb/s
External Ports 2
Internal Ports Nee
Bracket Size LP - Low Profile
Host Bus Type PCI-Express x8
Ext. Port Connector SFP+
Int. Port Connector Nee

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