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FastStream SC 8550

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ATTO’s FastStream SC8550 offers flexible options for storage access connect directly to 4 workstations or servers with ATTO Celerity HBA’s or add an ATTO FibreConnect switch to provide shared storage connectivity to up to 23 workstations.
Since the FastStream features ADS™ latency management technology, rest assured that performance among shared storage will be at peak levels.

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ATTO FastStream SC 8550

The FastStream SC 8550 was designed to address demanding performance requirements while providing reliability and data protection for SAS or SATA JBOD storage. ATTO’s ADS™ and DriveAssure™ latency and disk management technologies ensure optimal performance and minimal latency. Simply connect a FastStream between your workstations or server and JBOD storage to instantly create a RAID protected storage area network without the complexity of traditional Fibre Channel SAN solutions.

FastStream offers flexible options for storage access, connect directly to 4 workstations or servers with ATTO Celerity HBA’s or add an ATTO FibreConnect switch to provide shared storage connectivity to up to 23 workstations. FastStream is compatible with host based Windows, Linux and OS X Multipathing for improved reliability. Utilize Load Balancing to maximize performance across all available Fibre Channel links and Failover to provide a redundant path to storage in the event of an SFP, Cable or other path failure.

The FastStream SC 8550 is an economical solution that delivers data protection for applications in DVA and IT infrastructures including high-definition video post-production, color grading, digital prepress, disk-to-disk backup, audio post, email compliance, data warehousing, data mining and transaction based environments. Let ATTO’s expertise in RAID technology and storage connectivity provide you with peace-of-mind RAID protection for all of your critical data. For best-in-class data protection, transfer performance and shared storage, FastStream is your high-performance RAID solution.

  • Time tested RAID protection – over a decade of field proven reliability to provide peace of mind with your valuable digital assets
  • Highest performance in its class – The advanced architecture of the FastStream allows for up to 30 streams of HD video served out to multiple workstations
  • Up to four users without a switch – The FastStream was designed with small workgroups in mind, no need for extra equipment to start off
  • Managed latency - for real-time applications ADS™ provides maximum stream counts out of the available bandwidth for multiple workstation
  • Run your storage longer – DriveAssure™ technology prevents false drive failures eliminating wasted time replacing good drives
  • Keep editing – Full stream counts are maintained during a drive failure – don’t wait keep working while a RAID Group rebuilds itself
  • Easy to use – Intuitive menus, setup wizards with the user friendly ExpressNAV™ Storage Manager makes installation and storage management a breeze     
Artikelnummer FSSC-8550-D00
Manufacturer ATTO
Host connection Fibre-Channel 8Gb/s
External Ports Nee
Ext. Port Connector SFP+
Redundant Host Nee
Rackmount hoogte -U 1U
Redundante voeding Nee
Hotswap HDDs Nee
Drive Bay Size 3,5"
Hotswap Drivebays Nee
Virtualization Nee
Stroomverbruik (Watt) 200
Component Type Nee

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