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Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) levert EVO:RAIL appliances, hiermee is de opzet van een Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) in 15 minuten geregeld ( Plug & Play )

 Deze oplossing is schaalbaar, zo kunnen er eenvoudig appliances worden bijgeplaatst welke direct worden herkend en vervolgens worden meegenomen in het cluster.

 Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) en Software-Defined Storage (SDS) heeft de toekomst, voor wie nu begint met het opzetten van een nieuwe omgeving of een relevante technologische stap wil maken is dit de optie.

 Op een Appliance kunnen tot 400 VM's of Virtuele desktops draaien, de nieuwe NVMe technologie geeft met > 400.000 IOPS een enorme boost aan de random Read/Write performance die nodig is om dit mogelijk te maken met de huidige gevirtualiseerde omgevingen.

 De EVO:RAIL appliances worden geleverd inclusief de VMware Licentie (pre-installed) en 1 Jaar of 3 Jaar VMware Software support en Hardware Support (4hr on-site)

 Voor meer informatie of een maatwerk offerte neem gerust contact met ons op!


Gigaserver SDDC appliances


Supermicro's EVO:RAIL appliance is a complete Hyper-converged Infrastructure Appliance. It combines compute, networking and storage resources into a single 2U, 4-node form factor to create a simple, easy-to-deploy building block for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

  • Supermicro's EVO:RAIL appliance starts with four independent hosts and a distributed datastore, implemented on the 2U TwinPro2 SuperServer.
  • Fault tolerance, reliability and automatic scale-out are key features implemented though VMware software technologies and Supermicro hardware designs.
  • EVO:RAIL Deployment, Configuration, and Management enables power-on to VM creation in minutes, easy VM deployment and non-disruptive upgrade.
  • Supermicro's EVO:RAIL appliance embraces latest compute, storage and networking technologies, with leading VMware certified components for peace-of-mind implementation.
  • Supermicro's EVO:RAIL appliance is ordered via a single SKU and backed by Supermicro Global Service as a single point of contact for hardware and software support.

Supermicro's 2U TwinPro2™ SuperServer, is the foundation to implement for EVO:RAIL hyper-converged infrastructure. This scale-out solution features an optimal balance of compute, memory, storage and networking in a high-density 4-node, dual processor server appliance, simplifying virtualization across Enterprise, private/hybrid-Cloud, End-user computing and branch office environments.

2U 4-node TwinPro architecture supporting maximized CPU, memory, SSD, NVMe and 10GbE NIC ports offers the industry's highest density, exactly optimized solution for VMware's hyper-converged infrastructure appliance. With Supermicro's Green Computing technologies, customers will benefit not only from the system specification and performance, but also from advanced thermal design and energy efficient technologies such as our Titanium level high-efficiency (96%) power supply, increasing their overall performance per watt, per dollar, per square foot.

Supermicro EVO:RAIL Solution Details


  SYS-2028TP-VRL Series SYS-2028TP-VRLX Series (EVO:RAIL MAX)
Server Model SYS-2028TP-VRL001 / SYS-2028TP-VRL002 /
SYS-2028TP-VRL011 / SYS-2028TP-VRL012
SYS-2028TP-VRLX31 / SYS-2028TP-VRLX32 /
SYS-2028TP-VRLX11 / SYS-2028TP-VRLX12
Form Factor 2U/4 Node Server w/ Redundant Hot-Swap Power Supplies
VM Density Up to 100 Virtual Machines* Up to 400 Virtual Machines
CPU (Per Node) 2x Intel E5-2630v3 (8 cores per CPU) 2x Intel E5-2670v3 (12 cores per CPU)
Memory (Per Node) 192GB (12x 16GB DDR4) 512GB (16x 32GB DDR4)
Storage (Per Node) 1x 400GB SSD for cache, 3x 1.2TB HDD for 3.6TB capacity 1x 800GB SSD for cache, 5x 1.2TB HDD for 6TB capacity
Networking (Per Node) VRL001/VRL011: 2x 10GbE RJ45
VRL002/VRL012: 2x 10GbE SFP+
VRLX31/VRLX11: 2x 10GbE RJ45
VRLX32/VRLX12: 2x 10GbE SFP+
Software EVO:RAIL Deployment, Configuration, and Management
vSphere Enterprise Plus, Virtual SAN, vCenter Server, vCenter Log Insight
Services VRL001/VRL002/VRLX31/VRLX32: 3yr VMware SW support & subscription with 4hr on-site HW parts & labor
VRL011/VRL012/VRLX11/VRLX12: 1yr VMware SW support & subscription with 4hr on-site HW parts & labor

* Server VM profile: 2 vCPU, 4GB memory, 50GB vDisk