The RAID0 configuration yielded the best results with a blistering 1,181.9MB/s write and 1,127.3MB/s read, which was more than double the write speed (with significantly higher reads) compared to when it used a Thunderbolt 1 connection. When using a RAID5 and RAID10 configuration, the TurboBox boasted 1,088.2MB/s read and 1,070.9MB/s write and 1,112.5MB/s read and 1,141MB/s write, respectively. The single drive set up measured 994.6MB/s read and 517.7MB/s write.

Before we upgraded the TurboBox, we tested it using its Thunderbolt 1 connection as well as using the same Ultrastar SSD in a single drive configuration. Here, the Nestor enclosure posted 781.5MB/s read and 442.8MB/s write.


The Netstor TurboBox is a slick looking PCIe storage enclosure that offers creative professionals and enthusiasts accessible expanded options for their desktop workstations and laptops. Its uniquely efficient portable design is equipped with three PCIe slots as well as support for four 2.5" SSD or HDDs and RAID cards for additional storage configurations. Additionally, because it is a Thunderbolt-based device, the TurboBox is catered toward Apple users, though it also supports Windows-based computers. Coupled with its effective passive cooling due and ventilation due its aluminum build in addition to an adjustable fan near the front-mounted built-in backplane for active cooling, there is a lot to like with the Netstor TurboBox.

When we first reviewed the Netstor Turbobox with a Thunderbolt 1 connection, it boasted some pretty impressive performance using PCIe SSD storage. After we upgraded it using a Thunderbolt 2 kit that Netstor provided us with, performance picked up even more, measuring a scorching 1,181.9MB/s write and 1,127.3MB/s read in a RAID0 configuration.

Not only did the upgrade kit offer a significant boost in performance, it was seamless to install. All users are required to do is open the enclosure by removing the screws with their hand and replace the PCIe Thunderbolt 1 board with the Thunderbolt 2 version. This simple procedure was certainly worthwhile and further adds to the already powerful Netstor TurboBox PCIe storage solution.