The NA338TB designed for on-site video editing application is Netstor's latest innovative product for the 2.5" SSD or HDD Thunderbolt™2 storage following its launching of the large capacity 3.5" drive Thunderbolt™ storage solutions highly praised and supported by the video editors and digital content creators. Professionals use low power requirement SSD or 2.5-inch HDD for expanding storage to allow outdoor editing/post production with difficulty acquiring sufficient electric power to work smoothly and progress steadily. To provide video producers the storage with easy carrying and mobility features for outdoor events, NA338TB is designed 2U low height and 42 cm short deep enclosure to fit exactly for the easy installation requirement of the transportable rack. Although NA338TB is compact and precise in size, it still provides powerful expansion ability. In addition to supporting sixteen 2.5" hot-swap drive trays, the NA338TB provides 3 full-height, full-length PCIe expansion slots; furthermore, the most significant design of the 2U chassis is its built-in integrated plate drawer for Apple Mac mini® installation: when Mac mini® is connected with large storage capacity and professional video capture card through Thunderbolt™, the precise NA338TB instantly turns into a powerful mobility workstation with great capabilities and functionalities. With the use of latest, high-bandwidth, easy pluggable Thunderbolt™2 interface for NA338TB, besides the connection to Mac mini®, the storage's Thunderbolt™ interface can be linked to any workstation equipped with Thunderbolt™ port: after returning studio, any outdoor editing storage and hardware resource can be connected to the other Thunderbolt™ host like Apple's new Mac Pro or HP's workstation for continuous work; or else link Mac mini® with network for data sharing. No repeated investment in editing hardware is required.